Po’Sphara : The Language of Magic

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 Basic sounds

The following are all the basic sounds used in Po’Sphara.  From these sounds we can construct words and phrases.




A A Normal English Usage
B B Normal English usage
C S sound only except at end of word ‘Cold’ would be pronounced ‘Sold’
C K sound at end of words only “Junc” would be pronounce “Junk”
D Duh Duck
E E Normal English Usage
E Silent at end of word Love, Above, Mace, Grace
F F except at end of words Far
F V sound at end of words Of
G English G Gear, great, golf
H Ha Have, had
I I Normal English Usage
J J Normal English Usage
K Hard K Kind
L Ell Layer
M M Normal English Usage
N N Normal English Usage
O O Normal English Usage
P P Normal English Usage
R Trilling R Think French R
S Voiceless, used for plurals. So, geese
T T Normal English Usage
U U Normal English Usage
V V Normal English Usage
W W Normal English Usage
Y Usually an I sound. Can be a vowel. Flying, try
CH cha chance
TH English TH Thin, thought, though
NG Nasal N + hard G. Sing, rang
PH F Pharaoh, Physics
EU OO, (E is silent) Yeu would be pronounce “You”
UA U+A; i.e Create a OO+Ah sound Agua, Ecuador
EA Long E, A is silent Mead, stead,
Ay I (Eye) Day would be pronounce as Die or Dye
Er UR nerve
Ei I (e is silent) Pie and Pei would both be pronounced the same.
Ar English AR Are, far, star
YA YAH Yacht, yaw,




Word Pronunciation Meaning
Potis POH+tis The energy wizards control to perform their magic.
KanDuc Can+Duke Any material that acts as a conduit for Potis. KanDuc is actually a composite of two word, Kan and Duc. Literally it translates as “Material that controls”. Material that is a KanDuc is measured based on its resistance. “Pure KanDuc” is essentially a superconductor for Potis. Gold and Platinum usually make the best KanDuc materials,
Kan Can Material, usually a metal
Duc Duke Control, focus, direction, Shape
Supra SOO+pr+AH Endless, eternal, unending
Nua New+AH Aging, death, curse
Suprannua SOO+pr+AH+ New+AH Literally, “Endless Aging” or “Eternal Death” or “Unending Curse”. Since this “disease” is something that only happens to wizards, it has acquired to more common translation of “the Wizard’s Curse”.
Po’Duc POH+Duke A Wizard, formed by a contraction of Potis Duc, or literally, “controller of power”.
Ruele Roo+ELL The will or will-power of a wizardDestiny or fate

Creature merged with a wizard which can control or direct the wizard at times

Entire species of creatures that are merged with wizards.

Ay I I, I am, Me, My, Mine
Thencan Then+San Thoughts
Skipfen skip+fen Shape
Thâs they+s The
Ferâlt fur+Alt World
Anlic An+lick Only
Peisma PI+s+ma Limit
Eru UR+oo Are
Unti un+TEE And
Bi bi By or to
Feri fur+ee Sweet, precious, revered, beloved, worshiped
Gâea Gay+ah Lady
Svaru Sva+roo Swear
Pannus PAN+us Panel
Ka’Pannus Kas+PAN+us KanDuc Panel containing fixed spells. Concatenation of Kasta and Pannus. Literally “Panel of spells” or “spell Panel”
Kasta Ka+Stah Spell, casting, magic
Camar Sam+AR Room, chamber, suite,
Ka’Camar Ka+Sam+AR Contraction of Kasta and Camar. Literally translates as “Room of Spells” or “Casting Chamber”
Manyat Man+YACHT Mantra, incantation, spoken spell, chant,
Po’Du’Manyat POH+Du+Man+YACHT The Wizard’s Mantra. “I am a Wizard. My thoughts shape the world….” A concatenation of Po’Duc and Manyat. Literally translates as “Mantra of the Controllers of Power”
Fâh Fey Paints, colors,
FâhDuc Fey+Duke KanDuc paints. Literally translates as “Paint “Which Controls”
Sphara Language
Po’Sphara p+OH+sFAH+rAH The Wizard’s tongue. Concatenation of Potis and Sphara. Literally translates as “language of power”.
Pa’Sphara PA+sFAH+rAH “Panels of language”. Long range communication panels used in Ilium.
Hælan HEE + lan Heal
Po’Hælan p+OH+HEE+lan Wizard who heals.
Pei’Po’Hælan PI+ p+OH+HEE+lan Wizard who heals, but has extremely limited ability or experience or both.
Demi de+MEE God, All Powerful, Omnipotent
Urge er+je Men, Mankind, Humanity
Demiurge de+MEE+urge God Among Men
Demi’Nua de+MEE+New+AH God’s Curse, the curse of Demiurge.
Capu SA+poo Primary, Chief, first,
Ca’Po SA+p+OH Primary power, Chief power
Ca’Duc SA+Duke Primary Controller,
Ca’Po’Duc SA+p+OH+Duke Primary Wizard. Master wizard.
Physt PHI+st Hand or Fist
Demiphyst De+MEE+PHI+st Translates as Fist of God. Fist of Demiurge. Artifact hidden inside mountain.
Ahirit ah+Her+it Ending, destruction, splitting. severing
Aḥ’Ferālt ah+ fur+Alt End of the World. Name of chasm that divides the continent in two.
Phayt fa+Yat Fate, destiny, reality
Ay’Phayt I+fa+Yat My fate, my destiny, my reality.
Hwol Ha+wol Rudder, Wheel, Tiller
Pha’Hwol fa+Ha+wol Fate’s rudder, Wheel of fate
Demis’fen de+MEES+fen What Gods Shapes, Or What Gods Wrought. shapes, what god makes. The name given to the Staff of Refraction.
Po’Pannus p+OH+PAN+us Panel of power. Material used to build walls of Ilium. They are permanently tapped into Potis and supply power to automatic spells throughout the city.
Ca’Ahirit Sa+ah+Her+it Camber of Death. Special chambers in Ilium designed to slaughter invaders.
Supra’Pha SOO+pr+AH+fa Endless Destiny, the name given to the Satchel of Eternity.
Pha’Supra’Po fa+SOO+pr+AH+POH Literally, Reality Endless Trapped in Magical EnergyLoops of time trap like flies in amber,

Echoes of the past which wizards can sense.


Po’then’ka POH+Then+Ka A field of Potis whose heavily influenced by random thoughts an stray effects from other spells.
Ca’Duc’Ay SA+Duke+I Primary controller of me, Master, My owner
tasan tay+SAN Taken, claim, will accept


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