The World of Gods Among Men


Maps of the world showing scale, geography, locations, climate and environmental zones, and more. Includes descriptions of how I came up with and used the maps while writing the the first book in the series, At The Lady’s Behest Comes….

Magic 101

There are rules to how magic works in Gods Among Men, physical laws that govern what is possible and each spellcaster’s limitations. On this page magical terms are explained and the fundamental laws of magic are explored in detail.

Po’Sphara: The Language of Magic

Human wizards and Magog Sorceresses both speak a language called Po’Sphara; a language they are born knowing and whose subtleties no non-magic wielder can ever truly master. In here the language itself is broken down into its basic sounds, common words and phrases are explained, and examples of pronunciation are provided.


A story is nothing without its characters. Here you can find out details about the characters, their backstory, and a summary of what has happened to them so far in the story.


Humans, Wizards, Gogs, Magogs, and others populate the world of Gods Among Men.  Here you can find details of each race, its culture, and history.


At the beginning of Gods Among Men there are two great religions whose followers are locked in perpetual conflict. Humans worship the Lady, whereas the Gogs and Magogs worship Demiurge. As the story develops new religions will be founded as new beliefs replace the old ones. In here lies details about each religion’s tenents, practices, holy days, and more.


The present in Gods Among Men is a result of its past, and much of what happened long ago is forgotten or become entwined with myths and legends. Here you can find out what truly happened, and what is currently believed.


A story as large and complex as Gods Among Men needs a detailed timeline to keep straight when exactly each major and minor event occurs. Here is the calendar I used to plot out the important moments in the story.

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