A New Year’s Resolution

I have long dabbled at writing, but in the last couple of years I have become far more serious about becoming a professional writer.  That said, I have one story in particular that dominates my mind, and I must finish it before I can move on to others.  That story is Gods Among Men, and it is long and complicated. 

My skill as a writer have grown considerably in the last two years, and I feel more confidant in my ability to tell my tale than I ever have.  I have come to realize that I must write all of Gods Among Men down in one burst of creativity, and then edit it into something I like and which is publishable.  The size and scope of this task has long paralyzed my will.  This year, this new decade, I declare, “No more!”  Now is the time for me to act, and let my work speak for itself.

My New Year’s resolution, starting today, is to write 5-7000 words, or roughly 20-30 pages, of new material each week.  It is a tall order, but not beyond my ability.  I will not succeed each week, but that is no reason not to try.  I will edit existing material as well, but I will no longer allow editing to become an excuse for not writing. 

To be precise, I intend to write my story from beginning to end.  A first draft of the whole work broken down by book, chapter, and section.  I will need to spend some time outlining my story as well, and I think some of that should count towards my stated goals. 

I also plan to expand this website as well by including character descriptions, world mythology, maps of my world, and other such details.  Perhaps even podcasts of my finished chapters. Some of that may count toward my to stated goals, but not all.  I will not allow work on this website to become another reason for not writing.

I will also maintain this blog, and the one I have at the Magic City Writers website.  There I will post about writing in general, here I will post about my story and my efforts to meet my goal of 20-30 pages per week.

Today is the first day of my new resolution, and I am already behind.  So I shall sign-off for now so I can spend at least an hour tonight writing.

Here’s to a new decade, I look forward to finally telling my story.