And So It Begins.

This is my first official post on my new blog at my brand spanking new website, Gods-Among-Men.Com.  This site is dedicated to helping me complete and promote my epic Fantasy/Science Fiction series, Gods Among Men.

Right now, things are (to say the least) to say the least, a bit rough.  The site is only a few days old and I have almost nothing on it.  I have just managed to get WordPress working well enough with Windows Live Writer to attempt putting up a post. 

My home page right now is just a few lines of text with a link to this blog.  Over the next few days I will replace it with something more acceptable, which I will no doubt tweak and fuss over for some time to come.

I am dealing with a lot that is new to me, so I ask for patience from any who might stumble across this site during its early days.  I am a techy kinda guy, so I will figure this stuff out, but it might take some time.

My plan is to host my chapters from Gods Among Men on this site, thereby tempting the the unwary into reading it.  With luck, I will build a fan base and perhaps even get noticed by a  publisher.  I might later included audio reading of some of my chapters.

To those who might read these words, thank you for taking the time to stop by and support my endeavors.

Have fun and party down.