New Site Blues

I have use SiteBuilder to create a basic website.  It looks like crap.  The font for most things is almost unreadable, the background is too dark, the pictures are wrong for the site, and too much screen space is wasted.  The only thing it has going for it is that it has most of the screens I need built as place holders. 

I am going to use Microsoft Expression 2 to build the site again, possibly from scratch.  I may just modify the auto-generated pages, but I don’t see that as being any easier than starting over.

WordPress has turned out to be very useful for getting a blog started.  It seems to have good features and can be easily customized. 

So far I haven’t had to dig deep into HTML or PHP.  I suspect that will not last for long. 

I hope I can get the basic layout of my series onto some pages perhaps as early as tomorrow.  With some modest effort and luck I think I can make a site that is useable within a few days.