A Small Victory

I have, this afternoon, finished the initial outline of …For The Quest Of Damon Roth, the last book in the Gods Among Men series.  This is no small achievement, for it spells out how the various plot threads I have in mind will end.  No doubt I shall make adjustments to this outline, but a basic framework is now in place. 

I have already written a first draft of the first book, so with this effort I now have the series bookended.   That leaves me with five other books I need to outline.  Given how much effort this outline took, I expect it will take me several weeks to outline all the books. 

After that I have something of a debate with myself over what to do next. 

Should I put effort into putting the outlines on the web-page?  This would give me an easy reference where I can find what I have planned for each chapter and section.  And it would give those who might be interested in the story something to look at now.  Provide them some idea for what is to come.

Or would it be better to put my efforts into taking the outline and producing quick first drafts of each chapter and section?  That way I would have a draft of the overall work, which I can then show to potential publishers.  Not to mention the possibility of gaining a following for the story.

Or are there other areas where I should spend my limited time?  Options not obvious to me at the moment.

I will make my decision later.  Right now I want to enjoy the moment of finishing one portion of the outline before beginning outlining the other books.  It is a good feeling, and I just wanted to share it with the world.