October 29, 2012


As part of the overhaul of my author site, I have decided to break down my work into three categories that will help new users navigate to pages that have something worth examining.

  • Recently Added Content to highlight those pages I have just updated.
  • Has Content to indicate which pages have something worth seeing.
  • No Content Yet to indicate which pages are still under construction.

It will likely take at least a couple months to get this site to an acceptable/professional looking level. I thank everyone for their patience during this transition.

Recently Added Content

Warning: There Be Spoilers Here

I have uploaded the maps I used while writing the first book in my Gods Among Men series, At The Lady’s Behest Comes…. These maps helped me determine details about what characters saw as they traveled, the climate of their environment, the distance between important locations and how long it would take to travel between them, and many other details.

In addition, one of the biggest secrets in Gods Among Men can be discerned by taking a good look at  these maps. In my descriptions of those maps I reveal what that secret is and explain the reasons behind the decisions I made.

The maps can be found under the World menu on the Maps option.

Has Content

  • About
  • Blog – Large amount of content imported from my previous website and the Magic City Writers blog.  User registration is currently available through this page. I don’t much care for the default registration and user settings pages and will later replace both with something less clunky and more professional looking.
  • World
    • NEW – Maps – See above for details.
  • Forum – You must register as a member of the site to create new topics and post comments. 
  • Extras
    • Kathryn’s Music – My lovely wife, Kathryn, is a skillful amateur composer who has turned her talent toward creating music inspired by my Gods Among Men series. I have added all her music, as MP3s, for download as well as PDFs of the sheet music she wrote for the pieces.
  • Contact Me

No Content Yet

  • Books – This will likely be left unfinished until I have finished the copyedit and have my first book typset.
  • World– I have a large amount of existing content to add here, but it will take a while to organize it and make it presentable.
  • Appearances/Events – This option is a placeholder to make certain the option isn’t overlooked when I later have a graphic designer replace the theme. I will add content here when I am farther along in marketing myself and my first book.
  • Extras 
    • Professional Artwork – I must have professional artwork before I can show it off. This option is a placeholder to make certain the option isn’t overlooked when I later have a graphic designer replace the theme.
    • Fan Art and Music – The moment I have any fan art or music I will display it here proudly and announce its addition on my blog.
    • Information for New and Aspiring Authors – I plan to write up a series of blog posts in November that will include my experiences in trying to become a professional author. I will then distill this information into a series of articles and  links to related websites and articles.
  • Store – This is a placeholder to make certain the option isn’t overlooked when I later have a graphic designer replace the theme. I don’t plan on having any significant merchandise in the near future and may hide this option until I do.
  • FAQ – An option I will fill out when I have time to think of questions people might want answers to.

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